Is it safe to have acrylic nails applied during pregnancy?

As nails and beauty experts, we are not only the technicians but also we are parents. we were also concern what best for our our baby during pregnancy. one of common question that make us wonder weather is it safe having gel nails applied during pregnancy. It is safe to wear gel nails while you are pregnant, so long as you take precautions when having them applied and removed. Gel nails are [...]

Maintaining your nails

Nothing will ruin your day faster than a nail that splits or breaks without warning — and don't even get us started on those weak nails that won't stop peeling. Dry and damaged nails can be a source of embarrassment that even the prettiest polish won't fix, which is why we are top beauty experts giving you advice how to strengthen nails, naturally. 1. Soak nails in olive oil For weak, thin [...]


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